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Dr. Cynthia Browne: How to Protect Your Immune Health

On this call you will hear how simple nutrition, lifestyle and dietary changes support strong immune health. Dr. Browne is a Board Certified Radiation Oncologist and national speaker in the field of nutrition and chronic disease. Her approach to patient care is holistic and centers on the mind, body, spirit connection.*

Dr. Cynthia Browne: Immune Health and Nutrition

A board certified radiation oncologist, Cynthia Browne, M.D., is also national speaker in the field of immune health and nutrition. Her approach to patient care is holistic and centers on the mind, body, spirit connection. She brings a special focus on lifestyle and dietary changes to her medical practice.

David Bergsma: Why You Need to Support the Immune System

President of Health Technology Resources, Mr. Bergsma developed Ai/E10, an antigen-infused whey extract known as “The Ultimate Nutrient”. Ai/E10 supports the body’s natural ability to modulate the immune response for optimal wellbeing. It does this by supporting important immune cell communication. Find out why Immune health is the foundation of all health.

Bill Farley: Tips To Protect Your Immune Health

What can you do to protect your immune system during these difficult times? Bill Farley, Body Wise CEO, offers some healthful tips from his summer home on the coast of Maine.

Shelley Farley: My Favorite Body Wise Nutritional Supplements

Singer Shelley Farley, wife of Body Wise CEO Bill Farley, shares some good news about staying healthy and performing at your best every day. From energy to the immune system and eyesight, Body Wise nutritional supplements support a healthy, active lifestyle.

Bill Farley: Improving Immune Health in Stressful Times

Stress puts extra strain on your immune system. Body Wise CEO Bill Farley explains the daily nutritional regimen that can help you feel great in today’s stressful world.

Nurses Help Protect Your Immune Health

Registered Nurses Debra Bradford and Gwen Mercer know it is more important than ever to protect your immune health. Find out how they fortify their own immune systems with AG Immune and Super Ai/E10 and help the people they care for live healthier, more active lives.*

Body Wise: A Pharmacist’s Perspective

Pharmacists David Mikus and Scot Silber have their choice of any nutritional supplement on the market. Find out why Body Wise optimal nutrition has been their first choice for 30 years. It’s all about science, a commitment to excellence, and fantastic results.

Michelle Smith: Feel Great Immune Health Nutrition

Want to feel your best every day? Discover the power of the Immune Foundation Kit (Right Choice AM + PM and AG Immune) with Michelle Smith, a Certified and Accredited ISSA Personal Trainer and AFAA Group Fitness Instructor.*

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